Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance

Follow our hardwood floor maintenance tips to keep your timber floors in top condition.

To ensure your timber floor has the best chance at staying in prime condition, it’s important to provide proper maintenance and care. Our hardwood floor maintenance and care services mean we can do the work for you. We supply all materials and use premium leading brands for all water and solvent based products. Hardwood floor care is important if you want your timber floors in top condition. We tailor our maintenance and care services to suit the condition of your floor. 

Timber floors are timeless, and suit any design style, from classic to contemporary. They allow for easy cleaning compared to carpet or rugs, and if maintained properly, can remain in pristine condition for many years. Wood floor care shouldn’t be disregarded as timber floors add value to your home, improving your investment. Prestige Floor Sanding and Polishing implement hardwood floor maintenance and care plans tailored to the condition of your timber floor. After the initial restoration, sanding and polishing, we can provide advice on caring for timber floors, and provide maintenance when needed. Just as we take care of ourselves, structural features of your home need a checkup every now and then to ensure it’s in good condition. 

Talk to us about how we can help you maintain your hardwood floor.