We offer a range of services from floorboard sanding and polishing to staining across Newcastle, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

A well-maintained timber floor can be the hero of the room, adding value to your home. We’re here to make sure your timber floor is in pristine condition.

Prestige Floor Sanding and Polishing hold high safety standards and have a proactive approach to meeting your unique needs, as every floor surface is different. Our experienced team and innovative problem-solving skills ensure we have a solution for all timber floors, decks, patios and pergolas. Our floorboard sanding and polishing services mean you don’t have to replace your worn-out timber floor and instead, can restore the existing floor to a vibrant, polished and aesthetically pleasing surface.

We offer maintenance and care services focusing on the longevity of your timber floors. We use leading brands for all water based and solvent based products, giving your floors protection from weather. However, a little extra care is needed now and then to ensure your timber floors are kept in their prime.

Looking for help with floorboard sanding and polishing? If you’re located in Newcastle, Central Coast, the Hunter Valley or surrounding areas, our quality workmanship, precise techniques and professional attitude is the service you’re searching for.


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Benefits of timber floors:

Stylish, suiting classic and contemporary designs

Timber floors are timeless. Whether you have an older fashioned home or a modern fresh design, timber floors suit every style. Timber floors allow you to redecorate with the rise of new trends without worrying about the actual structure of your home.

Easy to clean

There’s no need to worry as much about messy kids or spillages when you have timber floors, in comparison to carpet. Wipes and a mop can easily clean any spillages, making it easier for you.

Allergen friendly

Carpet and rugs often collect dust, disrupting the lives of those with allergies who live in or enter your house. With timber floors, allergy sufferers can be at ease as dust isn’t collected as much as it is with carpet.

Adds value to your home

Maintaining your timber floors extends the life of your floors and adds value to your home.

We offer a range of floorboard sanding and polishing services including:

  • Floor Sanding
  • Floor Refining
  • Floor Staining
  • Deck, Patio & Pergola Restoration